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1440 - every minute, every day  - WE NOW OFFER YOGA

Welcome to  Geaux Play, Birmingham's premier source for training. Whether you need to tone up, lose weight, or just adopt a healthier lifestyle, Fitness 1440 has something for you. People of all shapes, sizes, and ages are achieving great results with the programs we have to offer. For those who prefer one on one personal training, Fitness 1440 can train you either locally or at your own home! For those who like training in a group setting, our classes can give you a fun, exciting, approach to fitness. We strive to motivate with the best methods for each individual, whether that be encouragement or lighting a fire under your tail.

Come and visit our world-class facility and you'll see that all your fitness resources are under one roof.  We now have the top Cybex equipment, personal training, and our daily classes led by top-notch professionals.  WE ALSO OFFER KRAV MAGA (self defense) led by certifiied instuctor, Nate Acton.




I started working out with Lisa and Geaux Play in June. When I started, I did not work out at all. In Just three months time, I have lost nearly 15 pounds, and I have gained a TON of self confidence. I feel good about my body for the first time in a long time. I work out every day now, and I love the way I feel afterwards. The family atmosphere is the best encouragement to keep at it. Lisa and Geaux Play have changed my life!!!!! Lauren

I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate Lisa Hall's guidance and expertise. She really has a passion for helping people be more fit and healthy. She has certainly helped me! If you are looking for something new, consider Geaux Play!Jennifer

So wifey never stuck with ANY workout for longer than 2 weeks in her life before she found Geaux Play. Now she's an addict and can't get enough of their bootcamp and workouts. Gotta say though I'm loving the results! :) Shane

Anyone interested should come work out with us. I am 16 pounds lighter in 4 months and feel so much stronger. We had our family pics made today, and I am so happy with how I looked! Stephanie

Wow I lost 13 lbs in 5 weeks with Lisa.  I am also getting stronger everyday.  Stephanie

I first started at Geaux Play in April after a physical exam showed my cholesterol through the roof, blood pressure high, and weight at 210lbs. I am 5’10 and never weighed anywhere near 200lbs in my life. Lisa was recommended by several co workers and they had just started Krav Maga classes, which I was interested in. Lisa went over my diet, workout plans, and goals. My goal was to get back to 175lbs, which I did in September. The classes are tough but fun and the people are very supportive. My wife has recently started attending the classes and has also lost weight, just over 35lbs since October! I continue to go as I am still getting in better shape. I started at 210lbs and the scale this morning said 163. Thanks, Lisa for everything!

Before....... After

I started working out at Geaux Play in July 2012. I have worked out for many years but became very bored and discouraged with my work outs. I stopped by Geaux Play, attended a few of Lisa's classes and immediately cancelled my membership at my gym. The classes are challenging but fun and the people are very friendly and supportive. Lisa is a great trainer and motivator. The place is NOT at all intimidating and are sure to get results. I highly recommend you give it a try! Luchy


Since I've starting working out with Lisa, I've lost 40lbs! She has been attentive to my needs, creative in her workouts, and always knowledgeable about fitness. With her help, I have reshaped and strengthen my body. She constantly pushes me to reach limits I never thought I could achieve. I've achieved a number of obstacles such as monthly fitness challenges, rock climbing, zip lining, and obstacle course races.  In our classes, she takes the time to consider all fitness levels. She's inspired me to make the changes I needed to make in my heart, mind and body. I'm so grateful to her that she has given me the opportunity to also be knowledgeable about fitness and helped me to achieve a boot camp certification to assist her. She's amazing and I promise that you'll love her just as much as her clients do! Jami


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I came to Geaux Play in July because the temperature outside became too hot for me to run in the afternoons. I needed an alternative for a few months to keep me in shape waiting for fall. After just two weeks I realized the atmosphere made workouts fun. The other class members are encouraging and just “real” people. Lisa Hall, the instructor, puts all of her knowledge and experience to work for all levels of capabilities and even people who are recovering from surgery or training for special jobs.

I had been working out regularly for almost 4 years when I came to Geaux Play and had pretty much decided that I was in about the best shape I was going to get for my age. I was running 3 miles at least 3 times a week, biking, yoga and weights.

After a few weeks at Geaux Play I started losing weight. In the months that I have been taking classes at Geaux Play, the routine has never been repeated, the variety of workouts has been challenging and the results are obvious for those dedicated to get the most out of what is offered. Lisa also plans retreats and events that keep the whole group motivated.

Six months later, I have lost weight and have muscle tone at a level I did not imagine would ever be possible for me. I feel great and even as hard as we push, no injuries. Thanks!  Sandra


A Spin class is a cycling class that will deliver a personalized workout, incredible calorie burn and personal challenge—all at a self-directed pace.

Boot Camp

Do you want to get fit, stay fit, and make friends along the way? Geaux Play Boot Camp offers a way to get into the best shape of your life, and have fun while doing it! This is a Fitness for EveryBODY class. Come and try a free class. Indoor and outdoor classes. Come and join the other boot campers and start getting the results they are getting.

GeauxFit Classes

Completing compound exercises with little rest in between exercises to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after your workout.


Learn techniques from a black belt.  A cardiovascular workout consisting of jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and kicks designed to gear your way to a leaner body and healthier state of mind.


Body Works

Like body pump, then you will like this class with personality.  A full body workout with weights

Adult Fitness Programs

Members of Geaux Play gets a discounted rate for gym and fitness classes

19.95 Per Month

  • Membership fee
  • Unlimited use of cybex and equipment
  • Fat % assessments
  • BMI measurement
  • Body measurements

Add 10.00 & get the following


  • Membership fee
  • Unlimited use of cybex and equipment
  • Unlimited fitness classes
  • Weight assessments
  • Fat % assessments
  • BMI measurements
  • Body measurements
  • Nutrition counseling


Walk In Class Prices

All fitness classes                                      $10/class

Krav Maga                                                     $25/class

Personal Training                                   $45/session (Look out for our specials!)

Discount prices for packaged personal training sessions

Krav Maga Classes

1 month        $129    Geaux Play Unlimited Members - $99 special now

* Reduced rates for military and all public safety personel

Class schedule:


8:30 am Geaux Pump

9:30 am Butts & Guts

5:00 pm Spin

5:45 Kickboxing & Core - Church of the Highlands Small Group


8:30 am Spin

9:30 am Geaux Cross

5:15 pm Boot Camp

6:00 pm Geaux Pump

7:00 pm Women's Only self-defense class


8:30 AM Butts & Guts

9:30 am Geaux Pump

5:15 pm Geaux Cross


8:30 am Spin

9:30 am Boot Camp

5:15 pm Spin

6:00 pm Yoga


8:00 am Spin

9:00 pm Geaux Cross


Krav Maga Self Defense  Kids & Adults (seperate fitness program)

Tuesday 7:00 pm  For WOMEN Only

Wednesday  6:00 pm beginners 7:00 pm non beginners

Thursday 7:00 pm - mixed

Friday 7:00 pm open mat night

Saturday 10:00 am beginners and 11:00  non beginners


Personal Training - By Appointment  Train am or pm

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