Gym Membership $19.95  NO CONTRACTS!!

Enjoy unlimited access to Geaux Play's elite training facility and weight room.  From free weights and cardio equipment and air compressed explosion machines with power displays, we have it all at the best rates.  This also includes free fitness assessments (Fat%, BMI, measurements, etc.) and nutrition counseling.

Fitness Classes $10 Add-On

Geaux Play offers a wide variety of morning and afternoon group classes.  Classes are designed for individuals of all fitness levels and experience. Try a free class!







8:30 AM 1.5 hr class - Geaux Pump & Geaux Lean (Butts, Guts, & Thighs)

5:00 PM - Geaux Spin

6:00 PM - Kickboxing Women's Church of the Highlands Small Group.  All women welcome

8:30 AM - Geaux Spin

9:30 AM -Geaux Cross

5:00 PM - Geaux Cardio & Weights


8:30 AM 1.5 hr class - Geaux Pump Geaux Lean (Butts, Guts, & Thighs)

5:15 PM - Geaux Cross

6:30 PM - Krav Maga Beginner

7:30 PM Krav Maga (P3)

8:30 AM - Geaux Spin

9:30 AM - Geaux Boot Camp

5:00 PM - Kickboxing & Core






10:00 AM - Krav Maga  Beginner

11:00 AM - Krav Maga (P4&5)

Krav Maga is a seperate program that is specifically designed to prepare people for defending themselves in real life situations

Personal Training

Achieve your goals more efficiently with one on one training sessions with a motivating Geaux Play trainer and personalized workout program. Affordable package rates.

CALL TO SET UP A FREE EVALUATION! (kids or adults) 406-5830 or 266-6205

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