Geaux Play Sports Training & Fitness is a state-of the art training and fitness facility where athletes can train with the pros and adults can get fit.

Geaux Play is your elite source for baseball and softball instruction and baseball and softball camps. No matter what your level in baseball or softball, Geaux Play can make you a better player. We offer private instruction in pitching, hitting, catching, fielding, throwing, and speed training.  We also offer cage rentals for teams or individuals.

Brad has helped Max, my 9 year old son tremendously with correcting arm motion concerns that could have lead to future injury.  He had an impressive 1st season, recording 84 strikeouts in 31 innings. He is always looking forward to the next workout.” – Scott Yeager

"I never ever imagined I could do what I have done in the past 6 months it's a slow process but I'm doing it the right way! 24 lbs gone and 6 sizes down its unbelievable! Thanks so much Lisa for all you do and all you show me.  You rock!" - Carrie

GYM 19.95/mth no contracts & 24 hour access
We are proud of our clients and their results

Ask about Speed, Agility, Core, Strength, Flexibility individualized training

We Rent Cages

Oct 1 Baseball Showcase/Clinic click on camps or call 406-5830 to sign up.

2790 Pelham Parkway
Warehouse C
Pelham, Alabama 35214
Office Tel: (205) 406-5830
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